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"You are what you eat". Right? Not exactly..."you are what you digest, absorb and assimilate". Fundamentally our digestive system is the cornerstone of our wellbeing and it is pretty apparent that digestive dysfunction is reaching epidemic proportions.

Just visit your local chemist or health food store and you'll notice great array of remedies designed to treat an even greater array of digestive problems. Or take a walk down the isles of you favorite book store and you'll notice dozens of books offering hundreds of solutions to dysfunctional digestive system.

Despite our "extensive knowledge" about our digestive system and technological "ability" to manufacture remedies, we are experiencing alarming increase in digestive ailments.

So...what is the problem?

The problem is... we are barking up the wrong tree!

So... what is the solution?

The solution is...stop barking up the wrong tree!

Let me explain...

Humans are of the opinion that our body is a machine which we can repair when it stops to function optimally. As a result we have created specific chemical compounds, which supposedly can repair each specific aliment. This philosophy is propagated by so called scientists and it's accepted as the truth.

We at Suncore Health Products believe that this line of thinking is totally flawed and it is the main reason why humanity of today is afflicted with many chronic diseases.

What is our approach to health?

To achieve optimal health we require...

• Clean air, clean water and food rich in nutrients.
• At least 80% of food to be consumed in raw form.
• Sufficient sleep and leisure time.
• To be spiritually aware.
• To understand nature and to be part of Her.

Air, water and nutrients are essential for our existence. Withdraw any of them and life ceases to exist. Similarly if any of the three are supplied inadequately our body cannot function optimally, which will result in weakening of the immune system and subsequent onset of various diseases.

75% of our body comprises of water, which indicates the importance of consuming sufficient amounts of good quality water.

Every cell in our body requires adequate amounts of oxygen. Lack of oxygen will cause the cells to die. Dead cells equals dead body.

In order to get all nutrients required we have to eat nutrient dense food. Sadly most of food we consume is processed or cooked, therefore grossly deficient in essential nutrients.

One of the greatest deficiencies are digestive enzymes, and by implication metabolic enzymes. This is the reason why we advocate consuming at least 80% of food in it's raw state.

All food in uncooked state contains digestive enzymes, and when cooked all enzymes are totally destroyed. Digestive enzymes are the single most important part of our digestive system. 95% of all diseases are caused by defective digestive system.

So, doesn't it make sense, if we want to have life without disease, our focal point should be our digestive system. Creating chemicals to address health problems after they happened cannot be intelligent solution, in fact it is stupidity of the highest order.

Unfortunately the whole medical and nutritional science is going in that direction. It is looking for a chemical magic bullet which will cure any ailment.

In their ignorance they are forgetting that only the body has the ability to heal itself. The only thing we have to do is supply it with quality air, quality water and food rich in nutrients.

The body will digest, absorb, assimilate and repair if anything needs repairing. In nature there is no such thing as disease. Disease is entirely man made.

To help the body fulfill all the functions we need about 8 hours of rest every day.

The spiritual component is an integral part of our existence. It is essential to be connected with the intelligence of the universe. The quality of this connection will determine the level on which our body will function.

In our physical world the greatest wisdom is derived from Nature, therefore it is of paramount importance to preserve Her, nurture Her and learn from Her. Originally each man is born with the knowledge how to heal itself. Sadly we have forgotten about it, so we have to relearn it and - The Nature is The best Teacher.

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