Cholesterol Is Not The Enemy, But A Friend-Find Out The Real Reason Why

Cholesterol Is Not The Enemy, But A Friend

The Cholesterol hoax

You have high cholesterol, said the doctor to Jimi.

Please doc, tell me what that means?

It means you have to stop eating fat, and I have to give you cholesterol-lowering drugs.

For how long do I have to take these drugs asked Jimi?

Until we get your cholesterol under control said the doctor; (which means forever).

Are there any side-effects inquired Jimi?

There are some, but there is nothing to worry about; (which means you have begun the journey of countless diseases, pain and suffering).

This is a very common scenario, and it happens to millions of people around the world.

Telling Jimi to stop eating fat and prescribing cholesterol-lowering drugs, it’s the worst thing the doctor could do.


Because removing fat from the diet is going to create more problems than it will resolve, and the drugs are just addressing the symptom and not the cause.

Not to mention the terrible damage the drugs are going to inflict on the body.

The cannibal syndrome

So, why are the doctors doing the things they do?

Because the mainstream scientists told them so. And  they’ll be breaking the law if they don’t do as they are told.

And why are the mainstream scientists doing and telling these things?

For the same reason as the cannibals are eating people. Culture is very difficult to change, no matter how wrong it is.

Have you tried lately to convince a cannibal that eating people is simply no good?

Well, it’s even more difficult to convince the mainstream scientist that his way of thinking simply makes no sense.

The wrong blame

Cholesterol is the major culprit in the heart disease. This is the mantra you hear “ad nauseam” from mainstream science.

And where is their evidence?

There is no real evidence. The only evidence they have is the supposed elevated presence of cholesterol in some patients. Therefore, let’s get rid of cholesterol.

That is like saying; the ambulance men are responsible for the accident, because they are present at the scene of the accident after it happened. So, let’s put them in jail.

Here is what happens.

  • We eat food full of chemicals, and no nutrition
  • We breathe polluted air
  • We drink polluted water
  • We work in a terrible environment

And the most damaging thing; we listen faithfully to the so-called scientific experts, who in the first place have created the above conditions.

As a result, our digestive system is seriously damaged, and unable to supply all the nutrients to the body organs, including the heart. The cells get damaged in the arteries and everywhere else.

The body springs into action and creates inflammation in order to protect itself. As we continue with life as normal, inflammation becomes chronic. The arteries will become hard and then crack.

Once again, the body tries to remedy the situation, and instructs the liver to produce cholesterol, and urgently sends it to the damaged arteries to repair them.

Because we are not addressing the underlying problem (eating real food), re-injury of the arteries will happen all over again, and the body will use cholesterol to repair them yet again.

The repair scar will get progressively bigger, until one day the artery becomes totally blocked, and the heart attack occurs.

And the rest is history. Mr. Scientist will tell you, the cholesterol is to blame. But don’t worry; we have many drugs, they’ll fix you in no time; (which means you are in big trouble).

None are as blind as those who don’t want to see.

Here is the thing… when you have high-cholesterol reading, it means there is damage in the body, and you are, in fact, short of cholesterol. So, the liver starts producing more cholesterol in order to repair the damage. Trying to lower it would be working against the body and preventing the repair.

Here is the question.

Who do you think is more intelligent? The scientist, or the body?

What is cholesterol

Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) present in every cell of your body. Without it, we would cease to function. In other words, without cholesterol, there is no life. 85% of total cholesterol in the body is made by the liver.

Only 15% of total cholesterol we get from food. As you can see, food has a minor influence in direct supply of cholesterol.

Here are some cholesterol functions:

  1. It provides protection for nerve system.
  2. It kips all cells together. We all know that fat and water don’t mix. So, cholesterol acts as a barrier between the cells and the water in the body. Otherwise, the cells would disintegrate.
  3. It converts sunrays into vitamin D. it’s no coincidence that vitamin D is also present in most of the cells.
  4. It is the precursor of most of the hormones, including cortisol, corticosterone, estrogen, testosterone, aldosterone and others. Many ailments are the result of hormone imbalance, and shortage of cholesterol is the reason.
  5. It metabolises vitamins A,D,E and K.

Now, you have to ask yourself; how can something so essential for life be so distractive?

Well, it’s not. We are made to believe that it is, by special-interest groups who are making billions of Dollars in sales of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

In fact, most of the people are cholesterol deficient.

You might ask; how can I be cholesterol deficient when I have elevated cholesterol?

That’s the reason why cholesterol reading doesn’t tell you anything. The so-called scientists are barking up the wrong tree.

Here is an important thing to remember. Dysfunctional body cannot metabolise cholesterol. No matter how high or how low is your cholesterol, if it is not metabolised you’ll be short of it.

Unmetabolised cholesterol in any quantity is toxic. We have to find out, why is the body dysfunctional in order to correct any cholesterol abnormalities.

In other words, we have to address the cause, not the symptom.

The greatest failure of medical science is; it never addresses the cause.

Therefore it’ll never succeed in anything, except make absurd amounts of money, for those who have no interest in your health.

The good and the bad conundrum

Often you hear people talking about bad and good cholesterol.

Please listen; there is no such a thing.


For the same reason that there is no good or bad sun. Sun is absolutely vital for existence of all life.

Yet, if you walk naked trough Sahara desert, the sun is going to kill you. But, the sun is not the problem.

Or, have you ever seen good and bad cholesterol listed on the food label. Of course, you haven’t.

Why not?

Because there is no such a thing.

So, what on earth are those scientists and everybody else talking about? They are talking about HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein).

They claim HDL is a good and LDL is a bad cholesterol. And according to their theory, you have to lower or get rid of LDL, and everything is going to be, “ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.”

Why do they call HDL good and LDL bad?

It seems they think HDL is good because it takes LDL from the arteries back to the liver to be excreted. And LDL is bad, because of its density and small size, it sticks to artery walls and blocks them causing a heart attack.

Let’s examine this theory…

If LDL is needed to be excreted, then it is taken to the wrong organ; it should be taken to the kidneys. Do you think the body made a mistake?

80% of complete cholesterol liver makes, is LDL (I am talking about a healthy person). So, why would the liver make so much LDL if is so bad, and it’s going to be taken back to the liver anyway? Why is the body on purpose creating trouble for itself?

Is the body that dumb? Or maybe is trying to commit suicide? I think not.

Only man, and without fail; first creates a problem for himself, and then he says, don’t worry I am going to fix it. And he thinks that’s intelligent. This is how mainstream science reasons and operates, not the body.

The body is the most intelligent entity in the universe and outside of it. Actually, it is a little universe.

Listen to your body! you’ll learn unbelievable things.

Here is what happens…

Because cholesterol is such a precious commodity and the body is very efficient, HDL collects unused and damaged LDL, and takes it back to the liver to be recycled and used again for repair of the damaged arteries, and to facilitate many other functions.

Because LDL consists of various particle sizes (many are very small) and its stickiness, it’s very suitable for repair of damages in the capillaries, arteries and anywhere in the body.

In a body which functions normally, so-called bad cholesterol is in fact, very good cholesterol.

As I mentioned before, any entity in the body, no matter how important, can also be damaging if it’s exposed to a wrong environment in the body.

For example essential fatty acids, as the name says it are essential for life, but when oxidised, they are dangerous.

The same is valid for cholesterol. But the cholesterol is not responsible for it.

At the end, any properly metabolised compounds will build you and heal you. And any unmetabolised compounds will make you sick and kill you.

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