Dear Friend

In the nutritional supplements industry there are two types of products:

The products which slowly kill you, and the products which slowly heal you.

Which one do you prefer?

Of course it’s a ridiculous question, but let me shock you.

95% of people, who use nutritional supplements, choose products which slowly kill them.

But it’s not their fault.

Here is the thing.

I know this very big company which manufactures many health supplements. Of course I am not allowed to name them, they would sue the pants off me, even if I just mentioned their name. Imagine what would happen to me if I exposed all their dirty tricks. It’s too ghastly even to contemplate.

Anyway, this is what goes on.

Mr. Surety – that’s the boss of the big company, phones Mr. Chang – that’s the boss of a chemical conglomerate in China.

Hey pal, please could you send me the repeat of the last month’s order?

By order he means tons and tons of chemicals, mainly produced as a by-product of another chemical process. In other words, dead cheap. Remember, cheap is the name of the game! Cheap is the only word Mr Surety understands in his health vocabulary!

Now Mr. Surety enamoured by the scent of a cheap chemical poison and the sweet smell of money, embarks on the creation of his masterpiece concoction. Then he encloses his creation into shiny embellishment, much to the delight of many an eye.

With the click of the fingers, he assembles the finest mind wreckers in the business, they normally call them the Marketers. They cost a pretty penny, but he can afford them, the products he manufactures cost nothing, the packaging is the most expensive and the most nutritious part.

Oh, and the Marketers, they are a very special breed, they are the most powerful people on this planet. Yes, more powerful than the kings or the presidents of the countries. Even more powerful than the Bishop of Rome, God bless him. They rule the world and everything in it. But the scariest part is, they rule everybody’s mind!

I see you’re disapproving, I can picture you saying, oh no, not another conspiracy theory.

I don’t blame you, God knows there are so many of them floating around.

But, let me ask you a question.

Why do you think 95% of people are buying the nutritional supplements which are going to slowly kill them? I am confident that most of the people wouldn’t harm themselves willingly.

And again.

It’s the darn Marketers!

They have persuaded the people that the nutritional supplements which slowly kill them are very good for them.

It’s not the peoples fault, it’s the power of the Marketers!

They are so powerful, they could even persuade anyone, to buy a faraway galaxy from them, for just a few shillings.

Sorry, I am ranting so much.

But I can’t just sit here, while people’s lives are being destroyed, blatantly.

OK, back to Mr. Surety.

His health wrecking machine is now in motion, thousands of snake oil salesmen descend on the unsuspecting populace, singing the sweet song of deceit.

“Buy a bottle of this miracle product and we’ll give you one for free”.

Sure, they could even give two or three for free and still make plenty of money, the crap costs nothing!

Yes, it’s the Marketers yet again, their ensnaring equipment is tuned to the optimum.

But, be scared, be very scared, when a Marketer is giving you something for free.

Their next magical trick.

“The product is totally natural!”

Yeah, right, it was natural 10 million years ago.

Then, “just take one tablet a day, you’ll feel it work instantly, I can prove it, read the testimonials.”

Oh yes testimonials, ask my lying brother I had to bribe to lie.

Friends, please listen, here is the truth.

Mr. Surety’s products are just a cacophony of chemicals not recognisable by the body. The cells cannot assimilate them.

They’ll never do anything for you except:

• Clog your arteries and in ten twenty years, cause heart attack and stroke.
• Over the years damage your organs and trigger myriad of chronic diseases.
• Deposit in the bones and make them brittle.
• Use your precious energy required by the body to repair and heal.
• Damage your joints.

In other words, They’ll cause all they claim to prevent.

And now, let me reveal the biggest secret of all.

Are you sitting down?

90 – 99% of all products on the market are same as Mr. Surety’s products, and without exaggeration much closer to 99 than to 90%.

Hoooh, this is exhausting.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom

There are companies, although very few in number, that manufacture nutritional supplements which will slowly heal you. They are led by people who are genuinely interested in your health. Their goal is not the money, but a fervent desire to make the world a healthier place, for the present and future generations.

There is no denying, to achieve this goal in today’s world is no easy feat.

Humbly, I would like to suggest, Suncore Health Products is one of those companies.

But frankly, our products are not for everyone.

• If you don’t value your health.
• If you’re a person who believes in the magic bullet.
• Or you believe that your lifestyle can be fixed by popping pills.
• And if you are not prepared to address the real causes of your health problems.

Then, we cannot help you, in fact, no one can.

I am not trying to be arrogant, rude or anything like that. I am not saying you mustn’t buy our products. No, not at all, In fact our products can help you greatly.

I am just being totally honest with you, that’s how we conduct our business.

On the other hand.

• If you want to prevent disease and premature aging.
• If you want to live life without pain.
• If your goal in life is more than just a mere existence.
• And if you want to eliminate medical bills for good.

Then we are your kind of people.

Here is what we believe.

For optimum health we need:

• Clean water, clean air and nutrient dense food.
• To consume a significant proportion of our food in the raw state.
• To combine food as intended by nature.
• To avoid consumption of any unnatural substances.
• To have sufficient sleep and leisure time.
• To be spiritually aware.
• To live for the common good.

However, in our modern society it is increasingly difficult to adhere to good health practices, especially when it comes to obtaining nutritious food.

Farming practices, processing and preparation of food are the main culprits, for the lack of daily required nutrients. The result is an epidemic of chronic ailments.

To address this problem we have created a range of products. Our main focus is the digestive system, that’s where everything starts. We believe that at least 90% of all illnesses start in our digestive tract.

Digestive enzymes are the key to digestion, absorption and assimilation, yet these are the compounds we seriously lack. Regrettably, this problem is ignored by almost everyone, including so-called nutritional experts. Oh yes, nutritional experts?

So, it is not a coincidence that our main products are the range of super quality enzymes, designed to prevent and address almost any health issue.

The importance of enzymes cannot be overstated, every person who eats cooked food should take digestive enzymes, regardless if they have health issues or not. The benefits are almost incalculable.

And now the only thing left for you to do is, to follow the link and get Digest Gold the world’s number one digestive enzyme (this is not an empty claim). It’s the best investment you’ll ever make, and I don’t make serious statements lightly.

To Your Health!
Mike Milic

P.S. We also have a number of other unique products, including organic super greens, raw milk whey protein, natural magnesium and organic sprouted flax. They can do wonders for your health, they truly can.