Little-Known Power-Packed Nutrient For Heart Attack And Stroke Prevention

Natto Kinase

Nobody Needs To Die From Heart Attack

Yet, this year 73000 people will die from heart related diseases in South Africa. There are many causes which affect normal heart function, but the most common are, unhealthy diet, excessive drinking, smoking, being overweight, pollution and lack of exercise.

Although all these causes are easily preventable, unfortunately this is not what happens. In fact we see a drastic acceleration in all types of coronary diseases. To make the situation even worse the medical science is not addressing the causes but treating the symptoms.

In the quest to make as much money as possible they are designing the drugs which cause more harm than good. These drugs are not addressing the cause of the heart attack and in the process they are doing tremendous damage to the rest of the body. And very soon the doctor is going to prescribe another drug, which supposedly is going to repair the damage from the previous one

Now we have a vicious circle set in motion. Once we start taking drugs, that’s what we’ll do most of our life. We have started with the heart problem and we’ll end up with having many more health problems. Of course, this calls for more drugs. Now you can safely add another major cause for heart attacks – medical drugs.

Fortunately, there is this very safe, inexpensive plant extract from Japan, which can do wonders for your heart, blood circulation and inflammation. Kip reading to find out, how to get your hands on it.

Heart Attack Symptoms

  • Severe chest pain
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • A feeling of terror
  • Coughing, dizziness
  • Excessive sweating

What Happens During A Heart Attack?

In most cases blood clot in the coronary arteries restricts blood flow to the heart muscle causing temporary or permanent damage. If the blood clot is not removed speedily serious damage or death can occur.

If the heart is severely damaged a surgical procedure will be required. After the heart attack and the surgery, the doctor will prescribe medication which in many cases has to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life. This will have serious health implications in the future.

However there is a little-known natural remedy which can be safely taken for prevention and after a heart attack. It is called Nattokinase.

What Is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is a powerful fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from a traditional Japanese fermented soy food Natto. It possesses exceptional ability to dissolve fibrin in the blood.

Nattokinase was discovered by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi. He is a researcher at the Japanese ministry of education. After having Natto for lunch he placed a small piece into artificial thrombus (fibrin) plate and after 18 hours the fibrin dissolved completely. Later he discovered that the sticky part of Natto was responsible for fibrin dissolution. He extracted the enzyme which displayed fabrinolytic ability and named it Nattokinase.

Fibrin And Its Implications

Fibrin is a protein which is produced naturally by the body after injury or trauma. This is to stop the loss of blood and to protect the wound from any foreign invaders. However when fibrin becomes excessive, it can cause serious health ailments including heart attack and stroke.

Unnecessary presence of fibrin makes the blood stickier, preventing normal blood flow and causing the creation of blood clots. As a result blood pressure will rise, creating a myriad of health problems. Overproduction of fibrin can be triggered by many conditions in the body, but the most common and the most dangerous is low level inflammation.

This condition is prevalent in the major part of the world population and it’s responsible for many diseases. Pollution, refined foods, viruses, bacteria and medical drugs are main causes of low-level inflammation.

Regrettably prevention and seriousness of low-level inflammation is mostly ignored. The price is explosion of chronic diseases. The pharmaceutical industry is cashing in big time and in the process causing even greater havoc in people’s health.

Benefits Of Nattokinase

  • Prevention of heart attack and stroke
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stimulates plasmin (body’s clot-dissolving agent) production
  • No side-effects

Where Can I Find Quality Nattokinase Product?

Enzymedica is the manufacturer of the best enzymes in the world. One of their products Natto-K designed for heart health and prevention of stroke, contains world renowned NSK-SD Nattokinase, plus six additional enzymes.  The product is kosher, vegan, vegetarian and contains no fillers. It utilises Thera-Blend technology which enables activity of enzymes trough broad pH spectrum.

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