Simple Solution For Lactose Intolerance

Lactose Intolerance

Eat Dairy To Overcome Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is described as the inability to digest sugar (lactose), exclusively present in milk and milk products.

According to mainstream science, lactose intolerance occurs when small intestine loses ability to produce sufficient amount of the enzyme lactase. This normally starts after the age of two and as we get older it deteriorates further.

Unfortunately this proposition is very simplistic, incomplete and most likely inaccurate. I’ll elaborate in just a minute.

Lactose Intolerance Symptoms

Symptoms usually occur within 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming milk or milk products. Some milk products contain less lactose than others and are tolerated even by persons who are lactose intolerant.

Most Common Symptoms Are:

• Abdominal cramps

• Excessive gas

• Nausea and vomiting

• Bloating

• Diarrhoea

Lactose Intolerance Debate

Through the years various theories evolved about mechanism which controls production of lactase and its implications in lactose intolerance.

Latest theory accepted by mainstream science postulates, that lactase is produced in the small intestine and it’s controlled by a gene which reduces or totally restricts production of lactase, after the baby is about two years old. According to this theory milk is only for babies.

However, this theory doesn’t have explanation to what purpose this mechanism serves. What would be the purpose to restrict consumption of the only perfect food on earth?

Yes, milk is the only food which contains every nutrient required for human existence. Without milk there would be no mammals. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Or imagine this catastrophe… no milk, no breasts.

This theory is full of holes like a Swiss cheese – it cannot answer many questions and most importantly it has no solutions. If you have a problem with so called lactose intolerance, most of doctors will advise you to reduce or totally restrict consumption of food containing lactose.

This is not a solution!

Can Lactose Intolerance Be Prevented Or Reversed?

The goal of this article is not so much to prove or disprove any theory, but to address the real causes and find the real solution.

So, is there a solution?

Most definitely there is. And I am the living proof.

For at least 20 years I have had excruciating headaches and debilitating abdominal cramps every time I consumed dairy. To make the situation even worse I developed duodenal ulcers.

Of course, the only solution at the time was to stop eating dairy. But I loved anything that had milk in it.

I tried various milk products with less lactose in them – it helped to a degree. But I was determent and convinced, there must be a complete solution and a logical explanation.

I could not accept that the intelligence of the universe created the most nutritious food on earth and then restricted its use. Only men could do something like that. And the men did! Bear with me, read on.

After many months of searching for clues and extensive research, some pieces of the puzzle started falling into place, but I still couldn’t pinpoint the true relationship between milk, lactose and lactase.

About three years later, after gathering as much information as possible, looking at it from all conceivable angles and using process of elimination, the milk always came as a common denominator. Everything pointed out, that the solution lies in the milk itself. I just didn’t know how.

And then it happened!

Stressful living in the city for many years eventually was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I decided to purchase a farm and start farming with Simmentaler cattle.

To cut the story short …

One day I drank a glass of fresh row milk and was surprised that I only had a mild headache and quite bearable abdominal cramps. For a while I had one glass every day and then slowly increased until I reached two glasses.

Eventually I ended up drinking 5 to 6 glasses every day, and no symptoms of lactose intolerance whatsoever. In fact, I noticed the more milk I was drinking the quicker the symptoms were disappearing.

At the later stage I started making my own yogurt and cheese. The result was the same – no headache, no abdominal cramps.

From the day I had the first glass of raw milk until the symptoms totally vanished, it took about 3 months.

After the research, natural observation and my own experience I formulated the theory of lactose intolerance and its implications.

Here it is …

1. Humans (Including Babies) Do Not Produce Enzyme Lactase

By observing various groups of people geographically and culturally, we’ll notice that the people who are presently lactose intolerant have no history of milk consumption. On the other hand, the groups of people who have a long history of cattle farming are lactose tolerant.

This indicates that the presence or absence of historical milk consumption in the specific group of people, will determine intolerance or tolerance of lactose. Of course, there are other implications, which we’ll discuss in just a minute.

2. Lactase Is Produced By The Bacteria Mainly Present In Raw Milk

Breastfeeding is absolutely vital for the health of the baby and the future adult. This simply cannot be overemphasized.

Mothers, I don’t want to make you feel guilty, or judge you, but by not breastfeeding your baby, you are doing tremendous lifelong damage to your son or daughter.

Breast milk (raw milk) contains every nutrient required for the growth and the health of the infant, including bacteria which produces lactase and digests lactose.

And most crucially these bacteria populates small intestine which will play the major role in digestion of lactose in the adulthood.

Although the bacteria are present in the air and in the body, the best proliferation is achieved in the substrate of milk. These bacteria simply thrive in milk.

This is the reason why the groups of people who were consuming milk for long periods of time have built strong presence of bacteria in the small intestine. And they are lactose tolerant.

Of course, we have to constantly maintain the condition in the body conducive for proliferation of the bacteria. Otherwise, these very important bacteria will perish and it’ll be very difficult to re-establish.

This is best accomplished by drinking raw milk, or consuming food made from raw milk. Manufacturing process which preserves nutrients and bacteria is vital.

3. Lactose Intolerance Is A Man-Made Phenomenon

The main reason for lactose intolerance is pasteurised and homogenised milk. It is simply criminal to take the best food on earth and deliberately destroy all goodness in it, including lactose digesting bacteria, in the name of preserving health. It boggles my mind. I hope it does yours.

Second reason is another crime – refined food. Today 90% of all food is heavily refined. Food full of sugar, chemicals many unnatural substances and almost no nutrition in it, wreaks havoc in our digestive system and in the process destroys life giving bacteria.

The third very seldom talked reason is the food combination. How often do you hear from the “nutritional experts” – you have to eat a balanced diet. They insist to eat foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So far so good. But they forgot to tell you the most important thing – not to eat them together.

Our culture dictates to eat roast beef and roast potatoes together. This is a very bad idea. Eating the food containing predominantly carbohydrates and the food containing predominantly proteins in the same meal, is the recipe for digestive disaster and distraction of the good bacteria.

The same is valid for combination of carbohydrates and fats – they are simply a very bad combination. 

But you don’t have to believe me – just look at nature. Meat contains proteins, fats and zero carbohydrates. Apple contains carbohydrates, zero protein and no fat. This is not happening by accident.

In conclusion…

I am aware that it’s difficult to obtain raw milk and milk products in South Africa. But there is one very easy solution – take enzyme supplement. The best enzyme formula you can find on the market is called Lacto. Just follow the link to get it. Taking this enzyme is advisable even if you are consuming raw milk and you are not having problem with lactose intolerance. In the long run it’ll do wonders for your health.

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